Thank you for visiting this website, which is where Kittelson Charitable Foundation holds its annual online auction.

And thanks for joining us in this annual online auction event. We hope you’ll have as much fun participating as we have had in getting to know the great people and organizations who are donating items and services in support of student education. Every bid you make helps the students too, because every dollar of every winning bid will go directly to financially supporting the education of KCF students. And the dollars you contribute by bidding on the donated items and services go a lot farther than you might imagine:

  • $1 will feed one of our students and his/her family for a day.

  • $5 will pay health insurance costs for one our students for a year.

  • $25 will pay for school supplies for a semester.

  • $200 will pay the room, board, and tuition costs for one student for an entire semester.

  • $750 will pay all the education, housing, food, and clothing costs for a student for a year.

So have fun, bid on items and services that you will enjoy using or giving to others, and remember that every dollar you spend will have a profound effect by permanently and positively changing someone’s life.

When is the auction?

The auction will begin on Black Friday (November 29, 2024) and continue through Sunday, December 8, 2024.

How does it work?

Auctions on individual items will close at different times so there will always be something going on. When you make a bid, you can also leave a comment, perhaps to taunt the competition, ridicule their laughingly low previous bids, or just offer a philosophical point of view (for example, Go ‘Cats!). To keep things even more interesting, the closing time for any auction will be extended as long as the most recent bid is within 5 minutes of either the auction closing time or the previous bid (whichever is later).

We will contact the winner after the auction has closed. Shipping costs will be added to the bidding price for items that need to be mailed, but if you have some time flexibility we’ll look for ways to get items to you at little or no shipping cost. We’ll work the details of this out with the winning bidder.


Can I donate an item to the auction even after it’s started? Sure! Contact us at KCF@kittelson.com (503-535-7404) and we’ll go from there.

For more information, visit our website and/or our donation page in order to learn more about the Kittelson Charitable Foundation and the students it sponsors.

You can also contribute directly to the Foundation, outside of the auction, by going to our Foundation's website. 100% of all proceeds and contributions go directly to the financial sponsorship of Rwandan children who would not be able to attend school without our support.

Thanks for participating in the KCF Online Auction! We hope you have fun!

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The Auction has Completed!

12/05/23 2:53 PM PST

The 2023 Annual Online Auction has completed with great success – thank you very much to all who participated!

Visit our website at http://www.KittelsonCharitableFoundation.org to learn more about the Foundation and its mission, meet the students, make a donation, or email us.

The 2024 KCF Auction will begin on Black Friday of 2024 (November 29) - see you then!!

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